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Integrated / Functional Nutrition Health Coaching

Is about healing the whole body through diet, physical, mental, and spiritual balance. A guide to help you reach your desired outcome, priorities, personal strengths, and overcome challenges. A journey into a better healthy lifestyle.

Health Coach Services and Fees for Patients

  • Initial Health Coach Consult (90 minutes)  $120

  • Follow up Health Coach Consult (60 minutes)  $75

  • Each additional 15 minutes for Individuals (after 60 minutes)  $20

    • Additional person attending session $25

  • In Home Health Coach Consult per hour (price determined by number of people)  $150

  • Grocery Store Shopping Tour  $100

  • In Home Cooking Demo** (per hour)  $100


**Additional Fee, If Health Coach purchases groceries $25 + cost of groceries.



Health Coach Programs (After Initial Consult)

  • Program 1 (4 visits—savings of $85$215

  • Program 2 (6 visits—savings of $145$305

-Must pay for program in full to receive discount-

How we can help:


  • We work under the guidelines of Dr. Wellhausen to help you reach your optimal health goals through food and balanced life

  • Keep you accountable to help you be successful

  • Explore the reasons that may be preventing you from accomplishing your individual health goals

  • Understand your emotional and physical environment and how it affects your health

  • Discover how to use your personal character strengths

  • Transform stress into a positive motivator

  • Understanding Bio-Individuality

  • Understand what clean eating is and how to do it!

  • How to eat Gluten and Dairy free

  • Meal planning

  • Recipes

  • Specialized diets for individual health issues

  • Cooking 101 for the beginner

  • Overcome sugar cravings

  • Weight Loss

  • In home visits

  • Grocery store tips and shopping assistance

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