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Success Stories

"I found out I had severe osteoporosis at a free bone density clinic in 2005. My former doctor’s solution was for me to take 2 Tums in the morning and 2 at night. Two years later, still with osteoporosis, and now with tumors and heart palpitations, I found Dr. Wellhausen’s card at Clark’s Nutrition. At our first hour-long appointment, she learned more about me than my other doctor had in 4 years. She changed my diet and added supplements. My heart palpitations stopped immediately, tumors stopped appearing, and two years later, my bone density scan came back normal. She’s a great listener and quickly pinpoints how to remedy the underlying problem. From the first day, it showed how much she really cares about people."

Mark Heimann

I came to see Dr. Wellhausen desperate for help after a year of no progress with a back problem.  I was seeing a regular doctor and all they gave me for help was pain medication, the more the better.  My body became used to the narcotic prescriptions so I had to keep taking more and more.  Basically I was drugged out, depressed and lost hope that my back would get any better.


The first day I saw Dr. Wellhausen she told me she could help but I needed to get off all the pain medication I was taking.   The meds had warped my sense of pain and had put my body as well as my mind in a kind of coma.  After 2 weeks I was completely off the medications and feeling better.  I had been off work for over 1 year and after 1 month of Dr. Wellhausen’s help, my back is feeling great and I’m going back to work. Most of all, my mind is clear, my depression is gone and my husband has his wife back.

Melodye H.

During my freshman year of college I became very ill. I was in a constant state of pain at times the pain would become so horrible I would be incapacitated I had gained a lot of weight with no explanation as to why which for a young girl is devastating and had many other issues which cause me to live a less than full life. The traditional MDs could not figure out what was wrong. They put me through hundreds of physically and emotionally painful tests and when they couldn’t figure it out they began treating me as though I were lying or crazy. The doctors even blamed my mother at one point. They had given up and put me on so many pain pills (narcotics), hormones, and anti-depressants I couldn’t count them. But nothing was getting any better; in fact it was getting worst. My pain was chronic and had stopped me from eating and sleeping entirely. This is when a friend gave us Dr. Wellhausen’s card. I saw her the same day we called and after only a few minutes of reading my chart, examining me, and talking we had a course of action that did not require being drugged. She diagnosed me with a severe case of endomitriosis. Within one week my pain was becoming manageable. And now three months later I can attend all of my classes, sleep well, eat well, and complete 8 miles bike rides for fun! It wasn’t always easy to stick with eating the way my body needed and taking the supplements but it saved my life! I can truly say that without the help of Dr. Wellhausen I would not be capable of living the full happy healthy life that everyone deserve to enjoy and that I now LOVE!

Thank you Dr. Wellhausen!

Allie A.

I had severe, debilitating headaches and vision changes and was diagnosed two years ago by my neurologist with “Pseudo tumor cerebri”. I was operated twice, once for my eye to relieve the pressure on the optic nerve (papilledema) and the second surgery to have a shunt installed to relieve the excess cerebro-spinal fluid in my brain. In 2008 my headaches came back with a vengeance. My Neurosurgeon determined that the shunt was still functional and that he could only prescribe pain-killers.  My jaw started locking too. I was unable to work and was constantly in severe pain.


I consulted with Dr. Wellhausen in May 08 and was pain free two weeks later. I have not taken a pain killer since then and with her regimen; I have had the best “side effect”: as of the beginning of July, I have lost 30 pounds!
I recommend her to all my family and that says it all.

Donald B.

Looking back over my life, I have come to realize that I’ve experienced similar fibro symptoms throughout most of my lifetime, like episodes where I was too exhausted to hold my hands above my head to comb my hair, being susceptible to frequent infections-some resulting in surgery and long extended recovery times, having had endometriosis, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, IBS, sciatica, neck and back pain.


One of my worst years was 2007.  My husband and I decided we would try a cruise to Alaska, thinking that it would be relaxing and I could always head for the cabin when I got exhausted or was in pain.  Just the excitement and anticipation of the journey made me so ill that 2 weeks prior to the trip, I considered canceling.  Just the effort of getting to the ship was so painful and exhausting, I was ready to throw in the towel.  I survived but came home in such a state of pain and exhaustion, that I headed for my doctor who told me: “You have fibromyalgia.  What do you expect?”  I stared at him, disbelieving his insensitivity and decided to look elsewhere for help.
I first headed for a well-recommended nutritionist who was said to be able to cure fibromyalgia.  (I was so desperate!)  My savings account plummeted.  I was no better.

I then found my way to our local acupuncturist in our home town.  She didn’t have to tell me that I was in bad shape.  It was obvious to everyone.  Besides the pain from head to toe, I felt dead inside and was very depressed.  Fourteen treatments later @ $75 each, I was no longer in pain, but just didn’t feel well.  I didn’t care for the very expensive nutritional  regime, but will always be grateful for the relief from pain.


While visiting Clark’s health food store in Loma Linda, Calif., I received a recommendation to consult with Dr.  Sylvie Wellhausen in Loma Linda, Ca. She is a homeopathic and chiropractor doctor. Normally I would not have sought help from alternative medicine because I spent 30 yrs. working as a registered nurse in the traditional field of medicine before I retired. I became interested when I found out that Dr. Wellhausen’s specialty is functional medicine and clinical nutrition. These were two aspects that my traditional doctors had not explored.


She put me on an anti-inflammatory diet  and eliminated my symptoms using vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and probiotics.  I drink a nutritional drink daily that is high in chromium for fibro and a homeopathic adrenal mix for energy.  I take Vitamin E complex for my heart health, DHEA to balance my hormones, Melatonin for sleep, Neuro PS for fibro fog (really helps), folic acid  and liquid Vitamin D for depression (I couldn’t digest the capsule), Betaine HCL and probiotics for Irritable Bowel, Malic Acid (we fibro people need lots of magnesium and this form of magnesium doesn’t cause diarrhea), CoQMax for fibro and heart, Vit. C for energy, Omega Fish Oil for everything (yes, it’s realllllly important!), fiber for IBS.  The trick is finding the right combination and dosage for  each individual person.  Everyone’s needs are different.  And don’t make the mistake I did and try to medicate yourself.  It’s impossible to hit upon the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients  without  the proper training of a nutritional specialist.  Incidentally, traditional doctors do not have that training.


I am forever grateful to Dr. Wellhausen.  She changed my life.  I am no longer depressed and no longer feel like I am dying.  I have been able to eliminate most of my prescription medications. I only take 1 muscle relaxer (Robaxin) and 1 ant-anxiety (Atarax) at bedtime, thyroid, and estrogen.  My irritable bowel and insomnia are controlled, but not cured, which means that I occasionally have problems.


Although Dr. Wellhausen offers chiropractic manipulation and massage, I am comfortable without it.  Only once did I need my jaw (TMJ) to be adjusted and I haven’t had any trouble since. When I go in to see her, I feel like  Dr. Wellhausen really hears what I am saying and actually helps me to eliminate or reduce whatever symptoms I present her with.  She doesn’t rush me.
Along with my stretching exercises in the AM, rest period and meditation in the afternoons, 30-60 mins. walking in the evening, my anti-inflammatory diet, my vitamin/mineral regime, and occasional visits to Dr. Wellhausen, I am a happy camper.  I can truthfully say that I am doing better than all the 20 or so fibromyalgia friends and acquaintances I have met since I was diagnosed. I now have time, energy, and desire to pursue hobbies and social events.

Donna J.

Shingles!?! I’m to young to have shingles, yet with my hectic and stressful life I was force in, it unfortunately compromised my immune system. I inquired at Clark’s Nutritional, they referred me to Dr. Wellhausen, could she treat this most painful and serious condition…absolutely. How right she was… only 3 1/2 weeks later, all gone, no serious medicinal side effects to contend with. No signs of it coming back even 2yrs later. Thank God for Dr. Wellhausen and His diet for us!

Bruni L.

I came to see you for nutritional advice after putting my ADHD son on the GFCF diet. The diet is a miracle for him. His behavior has calmed so much and he’s doing great in school both academically and socially.
I would like to let as many parents know as possible that there’s an alternative to ritalin.

Angie W.

About 7 years ago I started having horrible pain in my joints that often prevented me from everyday tasks like getting dressed or even just holding my toothbrush. Four months later I was diagnosed as having Rheumatoid arthritis. I was told by the Rheumatologist that aggressive meds including chemo were necessary to keep me from a wheelchair in a few years. At the age 28 I was scared to death that I wouldn’t be able to take care of my young daughter and so without even thinking twice about what I was being told I started taking Methotrexate and some other drugs including steroids. I did fine for a few months and then my hair started thinning out and I was very sick most of the time. When I saw the Dr. again they decided to increase the Methotrexate and also start me on more aggressive shots. I lasted about 3 months before I was so sick and weak I couldn’t even get out of bed and it hurt to even be touched.

A friend suggested seeing a Dr. who took a natural approach to healing the body and honestly I was a little offended at first because I thought I was doing everything to get better. After many, many phone calls I landed on the phone with Dr. Wellhausen and the thing that sent our family to her the following day was her patience in answering my questions on the phone and her knowledge about the disease that was tearing apart my joints. I wish I could tell you I stayed faithful in seeing Dr. Wellhausen this entire time but after 2 years I was convinced by my Dr.’s once again that if I did not start aggressive chemo through IV’s that I would be crippled. I did the chemo every 4 weeks for 9 months until my body just starting basically rejecting it. I kept landing in the hospital with chest pain, weakness, fainting, trouble breathing and more. After the Dr.’s basically said,”well what do you expect from poison?” my husband called Dr. Wellhausen and we were back this past May.

I have been off all meds for 4 months now and am starting to get my life back. I still have rough days but I am NEVER sick. I have a normal blood pressure. No more fainting. No more breathing problems. No more chest pain. No more fear of the unknown of what I am injecting into my body. I am sorry this is so long but truly my time with Dr. Wellhausen has been priceless to say the least. I now know what my body is capable of on its own without drugs when taken care of properly; and YES I follow her crazy diet and NO I don’t always love it but I am now in control of what I feel like day in and day out based on how I treat my body with food and just basic “life” balance. I don’t know that to many things are certain day in and day out but one thing I DO know is that I will NOT go back to pumping myself full of drugs that just mask the problem and cause other problems down the road. The best part about getting so deathly ill this last time was having Dr. Wellhausen look me in the face and say,”You WILL get better.” She was the only Dr. who could tell me that with what they were asking me to take. Thanks Dr. Wellhausen and staff.

Christy H.

Dr. Wellhausen:

I have been feeling really good thanks to your intervention.  I was a lady with a daily routine of waking up with tremendous headaches.  Life didn’t exist without pain.  To tell you the truth, I really wasn’t completely confident about taking so many pills, but I said let’s give it a try.  In one month I have had two migraines and approximately 4-5 small headaches.  I wake up with NO PAIN! I keep expecting them to come back.  I had 30 headaches out of 30 days.  I have to tell myself, so I believe it, my head doesn’t hurt.

I can not say enough about how well I feel now, thanks a million,

Lydia A. (Your UPS Driver’s Wife!)

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